As with any mechanical system, air conditioning systems occasionally break. Make sure when you choose a contractor that they are using the right tools, which allow fast and effective diagnosis and repair, and the right parts, which ensures that the repair will last.

At Accurate Air Conditioning we use some of the most advanced tools in the industry: infrared and Heated Pentode refrigerant leak detectors to pinpoint the source of the most elusive refrigerant leaks, low loss hose and refrigerant recovery machines to minimize wasted refrigerant and help protect the environment, advanced electrical meters, thermocouples, digital psychrometers, and electronically controlled motor test equipment to name a few. Coupled with advanced knowledge of air conditioning systems mechanics these tools allow our technicians to make fast and comprehensive diagnoses and repairs.

When performing repairs we also take the utmost care using OEM or better quality replacement parts to ensure our repairs last. Our service vehicles are well stocked with the most commonly used parts and most repairs can be completed on the initial visit which saves you, the customer, both time and money. We pride ourselves on our fast response time as well so you can be sure that if you call Accurate Air Conditioning you’ll be cool again as soon as possible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a repair.