FPL Rebates

What is it?
The FPL Rebate program is an incentive program which provides discounts to homeowners who replace their air conditioning system with a new energy efficiency system. Rebates are offered on systems with a 14 SEER and above efficiency rating. This makes the choice to install a more energy efficient system an easy decision for the homeowner. Monthly energy bills will be lower with a more efficient system and FPL rebates will help to reduce the added cost of installation to the homeowner. In many cases with the FPL rebate program the cost to install a high efficiency system is less than the cost to install a basic system.

What’s the catch?
Only FPL Participating Independent Contractors (PICs) are able to offer FPL rebates. FPL PIC’s must be fully licensed, insured, and complete the application and screening process with Florida Power and Light. Accurate Air Conditioning is an FPL Participating Independent Contractor. Over the years this has allowed us to provide our customers with superior equipment while at the same time dramatically reducing their out of pocket expense.

How does it work?
All you need to do is have us replace the inside unit (air handler) and the outside unit (condenser), to a 14 SEER or higher matched system. To maximize convenience for the customer the FPL rebate will be taken directly off the invoice price and credited to the customer immediately at the time of sale. This saves the customer the trouble of applying and waiting for the rebate. All we need from you to process the rebate is your FPL account number and a signature on the rebate form and we handle the rest.

Need more information?
For more information, visit FPL’s rebate site directly at: