Replacement Benefits

At Accurate Air Conditioning we not only repair systems, we also replace them as well. Replacing your system rather than repairing it has many additional benefits:


Machines today are much more energy efficient with 13 SEER being the minimum today (vs 10 SEER prior to 2006) and the typical machines we at Accurate Air Conditioning install on a daily basis are 16 SEER. Installing a more energy efficient system results in the real money benefit of lowering your monthly electricity bill and thanks to the FPL Rebates program in many cases there is little to no increase in cost to the consumer to install a higher efficiency machine. Check out our FPL Rebates page for more information on that program.


When installing a new system there are a few ways we can help make your home more comfortable. Frequently we have customers who complain about insufficient cooling from their equipment even when it operating at full capacity. It is not uncommon for systems in South Florida to be under sized which results in the machine being unable to cool the house to the desired temperature or even occasionally over sized resulting in a humid house that is uncomfortable even at lower than normal temperatures. By using advanced heat load calculation software in house we can determine the correct size machine for your individual home and ensure that when replacing your equipment we install the correct size to maximize the comfort in your home.

Additionally advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to greatly reduce the cost and complexity of advanced two speed machines making them an attractive option for the discerning homeowner. Installing a two-speed machine has the added benefit of being quieter when running in low speed and increasing comfort levels in the home by offering better humidity removal and more frequent air movement than a standard system.


As systems age they tend to break down more and more often. ┬áRather than continuously spending money repairing an aging system it may be better to invest in a new high efficiency system many of which come with an almost industry standard 10 years parts and 10 years compressor manufacturer’s warranty. This dramatically reduces the cost of future repairs by having the manufacturer cover the cost of the replacement parts.

Environmentally Friendlier Systems

With regards to replacement the air conditioning industry is currently in a transition phase. Prior to 2010, residential air conditioning systems primarily used a freon called R-22. Refrigerant R-22 has been linked to O-Zone depletion and as a result is being replaced with a more environmentally friendly refrigerant, R-410a which does not damage the O-Zone layer.Manufacturers are no longer able to make residential systems that use R-22 so any new equipment purchased today must use R-410a. The downside to the freon conversion is the old R-22 equipment is not compatible with the new R-410a, which runs much higher pressures, and the old lubricants used in an R-22 system can damage and shorten the life of a new R-410a system.


These are only a few of the benefits of replacing your air conditioning system. Contact us today to find out more about having a new system installed in your home.