UV Lights

UV light is an effective form of disinfection that has been accepted for use since the mid 1900’s.  UV light works as a disinfectant by damaging the DNA in microorganisms making them unable to reproduce and thereby rendering them harmless. This process is so effective it has been in place for decades to help disinfect public drinking and waste water as well as in hospitals and medical facilities for sanitation purposes.

As technology has improved, the size and cost of these systems have been dramatically reduced and their reliability improved to a point where they are now able to be installed into residential air conditioning equipment as a means of indoor air quality control. UV light works inside an air handler to kill microorganisms that would otherwise thrive in the damp and dark environment.  When coupled with a good quality air filter, UV lights help keep the inside of your air handler from building up with mold and other biological growth that would otherwise contaminate the air in your house and clog up the coils, blower wheel and drain pan.

At Accurate Air Conditioning we stand by UV light disinfection technology and use it in our office as well as our homes. Contact us today about installing a UV light in your air conditioning system.


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